“What Can We Do For You?”

We love to make storing with us as easy and enjoyable as possible for you!

Here’s the story of someone we helped recently and we can do the same for you.

Sue had a storage unit with us, ended up getting divorced and moved out-of-state.

She was very busy with her new life and work and called us for help with moving out of her unit.

We worked with her, her family and the moving company to make the experience as easy as possible.  For example, the moving company told her and her family they couldn’t pick up her belongings because of access.  So we called the company and explained that full-size semi-trucks can fit on our property.

She was so happy that we worked with her to make her move so easy.

Do you need help with your storage?  Call us today at 744.1400 to find our what we can do for you to make storage easy and enjoyable for you … and it would be our  pleasure to work with you to arrange the pick up or drop off of your belongings.


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