Ask Dave: “What’s the Easiest Way to Get My Belongings Into Storage?

Question:  “Hi Dave, I have a room of things I want to put in storage.  What’s the easiest way to get them there?”

–Jane Anderson, Marana, AZ

Dave’s Answer:  “Hi Jane, and thanks for writing and asking a great question.

The easiest way for you to move a room of items is to choose a self storage company that offers packing and moving supplies as well as a truck to use for your move-in … and if it’s free … all the better!

For example, we now have a truck that’s free to you to use when you rent a storage space from us.  And of course all the moving and packing supplies you need to safely store your cherished memories.

To use our truck, just call us at 744.1400 x3 to reserve it so it’s available when you need it.”

To your enjoyable storage experience,


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