“New LED Lights for Your Improved Safety and Comfort”

When you chose to store old furniture or family treasures with us, you wanted a place that looked clean, safe and had ample lighting at night.
Providing you with clean, well-lit space to store your memories is very important to us.
To do that, we have outdoor lighting that’s always on for you … from dusk until dawn.

And you’ve probably noticed that traditional lighting produces a dim glow where thieves can hide in the shadows of the gloomy light.

So to increase security around your unit, we’ve chosen to install LED lights … a brighter and more efficient option for you.

What does that mean?
It means that LED lighting consumes 50-80% less energy than traditional lighting options.  By updating our outside exterior lighting to LED to improve the lighting quality, we’ve created a safer environment for those of you loading and unloading items at night and allows you to feel safer when accessing your unit in the evening and lets you feel at peace when you’re away, knowing your valuables are safely. And we can also see more detail on its 24-hour security cameras thanks to the brighter light.
Our new LED lamps are made with durable die-cast aluminum housing that can withstand extreme weather conditions much better than traditional outdoor lamps. And the bright light from the LED lights outside will help capture footage of people inside and outside of the units. Security cameras are no benefit when they do not capture clear images as you can see in the pictures above.

Here are some of the other benefits to you:

Lower Operating Temperature

Led lights are cool to the touch because they are 90% efficient. Less than 10% of the electricity used is converted to heat. Which means they don’t heat up your storage space.

100% Recyclable

LED Lights contain no harmful elements like mercury and are 100% recyclable. That’s less environmental impact. LED lighting can be an important component in helping us achieve LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Healthier Light

LED lighting emits no ultra-violet (UV) or infra-red (IR) light. Because of this, LED lighting will not harm your eyes or skin. LED lighting can increase your productivity because it does not cause headaches and sore eyes like florescent and incandescent light can.

More Durable

LED lights contain no high-pressure gasses or thin filaments. This makes them highly-resistant to vibration and temperature changes.  In addition, their lack of glass make them safest for you.

Instant On

LED lights turn on instantly and are dimmable. LED lights do not require a long warm-up or cool-down period before they can be turned on. They are also dimmable down to 1% without losing their color temperature.

Please call us today at 744.1400 x3 for more details about our new lighting … we’re excited it because it improves your storage experience with us.


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