“How to Use Storage to Increase Your Profits and Productivity”

Imagine having the right-sized business space … now.  Your documents and inventory are stored or you downsize your office space because you have the clean, convenient, secure space you need for your business around the clock.

You can get your extra space or create extra cash flow, and transform the office space you already have into the productive and profitable space you need in this new economy.

Whether you’re a business owner who is expanding too fast or you want to cutback on your normal office and warehousing commitments for short periods … your office space should meet your current needs so you can focus on your business.

Storage can help you increase your profits and productivity if you answer “yes” to any of these questions:

  • Need extra space for archiving your documents, files or paperwork?
  • Are you an expanding small-scale warehouse or distribution service?
  • Are you storing excess inventory, either on a permanent or seasonal basis?
  • Are you a sales rep needing to store your samples, displays or exhibition equipment?
  • Are you unable to keep up with the time demands of the delivery and storage of valuable data and merchandise?
  • Is your office too small for that extra office furniture?
  • Are you thinking about storing items that are not needed on a daily basis?
  • Do you need temporary or long term storage for a company vehicle?

Or, Do You Need Less Space?

Let’s say you fall in the other camp …

  • Are you spending money on long term warehouse rental space to store your business equipment?
  • Do you need to cut your office space to a bare operating minimum and use self-storage to keep everything that isn’t needed on a daily basis in one place with easy access?
  • Do you need to free up or to cut down on expensive office space?

Self-storage is a great solution for all types and sizes of business and it’s proven to be a successful business logistics solution for an increasing number of businesses.

Is your business one of them?


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