Ask Dave: “How Exactly Can I Increase My Profits and Productivity?”

Question:  “Hi Dave, I’m an accountant and attorney.  How exactly can I use storage to maximize my business’s profits and productivity?”

— Sue Henderson, Accountant and Attorney

Dave’s Answer:  “Hi Sue, great question … especially in this economy!  Here are some ideas for how you as an accountant and attorney can best use storage to maximize your profits and productivity:

  • Archive documents, files and paperwork
  • Free up office space by storing items you don’t need on a daily basis
  • Store extra office furniture and equipment
  • Store office equipment and files during a move
  • Store office supplies, which allows your business to buy in bulk and gain discounts

For you, specifically, you’ll want to look at climate controlled units that are adapted for archiving.  This means so your business documents will be kept in good order and you’ll be able to access them whenever and however often you wish.

Please call us at 744.1400 x3 to learn more about how we can increase your profits and productivity.


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