Thanks and $35 Gift for You!

Storage Tucson

Thanks for your support of Continental Ranch Self Storage in Marana!

To let you know how much we appreciate our relationship, we’ll give you $5 off your next month’s rent when you comment on this blog post and answer just 3 simple questions.

Please let us know:

1.  Why do you do business with us?  Or if you’re not yet renting from us … why would you rent from us?

2.  How can we improve our quality and service to you?

3.  Who do you know who could use convenient, clean and secure storage in Marana?  We’ll pay you $30 for each referral who rents from us!

Thanks in advance for your answers and stay tuned for storage tips and tricks that make your life easier!

To your success,
Manager, Continental Ranch Self Storage

P.S. If you’re on FaceBook or Twitter …

Storage Tucson

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… we’d love to connect with you!


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